Drones112 solution has been developed, within an EIT Digital Innovation Activity, by a partnership between 4 research institutes from 3 EU countries and 2 large companies interested in the drone ecosystem.


Based on expertise on Air Traffic Management and control, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid provides mission-planning tools, checklists and priority management.
Two research groups from the Politecnico di Milano provide both video analytics  (DEIB-AIRLab) and the HW/SW system deployed on board of the drone to collect data (DEIB-TLC).
Image processing and computer vision expert, EURECOM provides visual scene detections for emergency or abnormal situations.
CEA provides secure and reliable, multi-interface high-throughput communication over different mobile radio networks for data flows for drone-to-drone, drone-to-ground and drone-cloud communication.


Ferrovial Group, global operator of transport, urban and service infrastructures, leads the experimentations, in Italy and Spain.

Santer Reply is in charge of project management and business development, and of development of the mission supervisor application.


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