Civilian drones are an important tool in the cities, for both emergency and prevention tasks. For instance, the eye of the drone can soar ahead of congested roads to reach accidents and evaluate the scene before emergency services arrive, drones fitted with infrared sensors can help firefighters spotting people trapped in blazes or missing people.

Drones112 will tackle the complexity of coordinated drones operations allowing an effective use of resources (drone, pilots).

To streamline drones deployment and harness the benefits of this technology, Drones112 solution includes mission-planning tools, checklists and priority management, real-time Monitoring and Control tools and an application for in-field operators.

Drones112 can work with heterogeneous fleets from different owners and operators, supporting sharing of drones between various interested parties, is a flexible solution (can accommodate new types of sensors, can operate with drones from different manufacturers) and provides an automatic assessment of emergency area and data collection over large distance through LTE.




Drones112 technical solution

A solution built around a modern microservice-based cloud platfrom designed to support drones operation in their three phases (planning, flight, post-flight).